Short Term Holdover Storage

Short term holdover storage throughout the UK

Not every move can go smoothly. Sometimes the time between handing over the keys to the home you’re leaving to getting the keys to your new home is not instant. If you find yourself with anything from a day to a week without access to your new residence, where are you going to store your belongings? That’s where short term hold over storage from Leatherbarrows Removals & Storage comes in. We can take care of your belongings for you in one the 45 warehouses we have access throughout the UK until you’re ready to move in.

Short term holdover storage: 

  • Cleaning carpets, essential building works, treatments or redecorating?
  • Leatherbarrows holdover service can provide a few days gap between moving out from your existing property and into your new home.
  • Holdover service is a cost-effective way to provide short term storage, without the handling associated with traditional warehouse storage.

Keep your belongings secure

For most moves, the holdover process enables a complete household to remain packed into secure steel containers that are kept within Leatherbarrows compound. The containers demount from the removal truck and are interchangeable.

Give yourself time to breathe

Give yourself plenty of time to complete any necessary work at your new home without having to cope with a house full of furniture. To find out more about our short term holdover service, contact Leatherbarrows today.
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Holdover service is a
cost effective way to enable work to be undertaken at your new home

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