Moving With Pets

Are you moving with pets?

Whilst moving home is a stressful event for the human members of your family, imagine the potential stress for your pets. A completely new environment with new smells to get used to. With Leatherbarrows Removals & Storage’s helpful moving with pets tips, you can help ease the move for your feline and canine companions

Tips for moving with pets:

  • If you’re moving towns or areas, locating a new vet in advance is advisable. Let your own vet know you are moving and they should be able to recommend a reputable vet in the area you are moving to and make sure you have copies of all necessary documents
  • If you’re moving abroad then we can help with all aspects of pet transportation. Contact us to discuss this
  • The pre-move stress can be just as unsettling for your pets as the actual move itself – it might be worth considering a stay at the boarding kennels for the duration of the move. 
  • If this is not an option place your pet in a room with all doors and windows closed away from the hussle and bustle of the move and so everyone knows where they are. You could also discuss a sedative with your vet if your pet is prone to extreme anxiety
  • On arrival at your new home it’s wise to keep your pet(s) in one room to begin with, along with lots of familiar possessions while they ease into their new environment
  • When your pet comes out for some much needed exercise, stay with them as much as possible to reduce any anxiety they may feel at their unfamiliar new surroundings. With dogs, make sure you keep them on a secure lead until they get used to where their new home is
  • It may be wise to keep cats in for a few days to let them get used to their new home and make it easier to find their way home when they do go out to explore their new territory

Follow these simple tips and your pets should also enjoy a stress free move to your new home.
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