Moving to France

Moving to France

Moving can be stressful enough, moving countries only maximises that stress. That’s why when you move to France with Leatherbarrows Removals & Storage our aim is to make your relocation as smooth and efficient as possible. We have vast experience with moving to France and can provide you with all the moving services you’ll need from packing to storage to pet transport. We’re also highly experienced in moves to:

Importing personal effects to France

If you are moving to France from another EU country, you can import your goods
without any formalities. Leatherbarrows arrange all of the documentation and
permissions for the removal truck and crew to work in Europe. If you are
moving from outside Europe ( including The Channel Islands) Leatherbarrows
will arrange for the customs clearance procedures and advise on paperwork

Transit times when moving to France

Road removals service to France:
  • Leatherbarrows own vehicles and UK based crew
  • Direct road removal 2-3 days door-to-door
  • Part load service 7-14 days door-to-door
  • Transit time confirmed at time of booking

Expert packing in Dorset, UK

Our trained packers can pack and wrap all your items to ensure that they are transported safely. If you choose a full door to door service, Leatherbarrows Removals & Storage will deliver the goods to your new home. We will then unpack your goods and furniture, and remove all used packing materials from the site. 

If you’re planning on moving to France, contact us to find out more about our removals services for clients in Dorset and throughout the UK.

Importing motor vehicles and other additional services

  • Importation of motor vehicles to France will be subject to compliance, and it is probable that duty and tax will apply.
  • Recommendation of a specialised shipper of animals to assist you in sending your family pet(s) from home to home, who will coordinate all documentation and necessary veterinary procedures.
  • Storage prior to delivery in France
  • Comprehensive insurance

IFX International Foreign Exchange

When you are making international payments for individuals you can benefit from International Foreign Exchanges expertise in seeking the best possible rate, whether you are sending or receiving foreign currency.
IFX can help to protect you from exchange rate fluctuations and save you time and money on international payments.

IFX offers:
  • International payments
  • Regular overseas transfers
  • Prepaid currency card
  • Forward contracts
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